Fractals Filter 1
Fractals Filter 2
Fractals Filter 3
Fractal Filters are made to be hand-held or mounted in front of your camera lens. They are currently available in packs of 3.


  • Creates blurs/prism effects; optimal for photography and very useful for videography.
  • Optimal performance from a focal length of 40mm or longer.
  • Optimal performance from a wide aperture (f/5.6 or wider)
  • Refractive index of 1.6
  • Thin profile ring (7mm)—helping to reduce possibility of vignetting or optical obstruction at wide angles
  • Reflective chrome finish—reflecting light and creating bokeh that's a perfect addition to your shots!
  • 100mm total diameter—93mm glass diameter + 7mm profile ring. One size fits all.
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" x .2" ~.6"
  • Filter factor: 1
  • Proportion of light transmitted (1/FF): 95-100%
  • Number of stops reduced: 0.
  • Weight: 20g - 100g

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