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Building an audience on today's web is tricky. There are billions of sites and trillions (yes, trillions) of pages on the web. What's even more astounding is the speed at which the size of the web is growing: doubling in size about every two years, an exponential growth rate.

In such a crowded environment, starting a company is predictably difficult. Building and converting leads for your photography/videography business is not trivial—especially if you're not particularly popular or don't have a reasonably sized social network to draw upon. As a fellow photographer, I am acutely familiar with this challenge, and that's why I've tried to allow photographers to leverage the Fractals website with features such as our guest blog posts to help build your audience, whilst helping us share the art our community has been creating. Everyone wins!

..And the more we think about this model, the more we realize a lot more can be done. So...

Introducing Fractals Affiliates

Today we're announcing the exciting next step in curating a stronger, wider web community of prism photographers. We're calling it Fractals Affiliates, and here's how it works:


Create a blog post on your site about a shoot you did with Fractals. Post some images, and include a link back to our site,

2. RECEIVE $20

Send a link to the blog post to us @ We'll refund $20 of the purchase price of the Fractals back to the card you used to purchase the filters.


The blog post you create should have a minimum word count of at least 200 words, and must include at least 5 images. The post must be hosted on your own personal photography related website, which must be indexed by at least one popular search engine.

We're going to be testing this program out until , with no guarantees that it will continue thereafter. So, if you're interested please try to get out and start shooting right away! As always, we kindly welcome your feedback and thoughts on how we can build a stronger community together. Shoot us an email!

Retrospective Application

If you've purchased Fractals within the last 90 days, we welcome you to participate in this program. If you've purchased Fractals greater than 90 days ago and however are still interested in participating, send us an email.

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