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Prism filters for
true creativity

Fractals are specialized hand-held glass prisms that add artistic flare to your images and videos.

Creativity on autopilot
Creativity on autopilot


The world's most creative camera filters
Creativity on autopilot

Fractals allow you to augment your photo subjects with brilliant reflections. Our filters are the perfect camera accessory for portraits, weddings, and more.
Fractal Filter Penrose PrismFractal Filter Pascal PrismFractal Filters Julia Prism
Fractal Filters box


Fractal Filters Classic
Our classic filter set includes our 3 original filters. Patented PrismaLed™ optics create reflections 1.5x more brilliant than glass, helping you shoot subjects in ways you otherwise couldn't.

Transform your shooting with a new type of tool

Loved by many

“…I am LOVING THESE! My boyfriend got them for my birthday and they're so amazing! I use them for concert photography and they're giving such an edge to my images ❤️ thank you!”

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concert photographer

How to prism.
How to prism.

Blog post
Learn about prisming, and how photographers everywhere are using Fractals to create better images.

Shot with Fractals

We have an amazing community of photographers, and we often feature the work they've created with Fractals.

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Fractals are created by a team of one, yet a helpful community helps us to continue creating innovative products. Get in touch with me, anytime.