This project started on Kickstarter. I had been doing wedding photography for a few years in college. My parents both being photographers, and knowing it's not a very lucrative career path, warned against me pursuing it as anything other than an interest. I ended up studying finance, and then ended up doing work in software engineering.

But nothing sparked my interest like wedding photography. After a few years, I started to notice the tools that I was using for prisming were sort of lackluster.

The Kickstarter community was incredibly supportive, and the community we've built over the years has continued to amaze me both in their skill and their altruism in helping one another.

Things are still rough sometimes. I'm developing new products, and not everything ends up working out or being profitable. But if you want to do something badly enough, you'll do it anyways, because it feels like the right thing to do. And even if you think you'll fail—if it's important enough, you should try it anyways.

So here I am!

Thanks for reading :-)


Prism photo reference guide
Tricks to get great prism images.